Rennon “Pastor Ray” Elliott is a professional associate and close friend of many years. He has served as an assistant pastor, led a senior ministry and served as a hospital Chaplain and is currently Pastor at “The Chapel” at Country Club of La Cholla. The chapel is a non-denominational congregation serving Christians of all denominations.

Pastor Ray is a distinguished and decorated veteran who has proudly served as a corpsman in the US Navy attached to a Marine Corp unit in Southeast Asia and is very proud of his service to God and country. He continues to serve doing God’s work.

Together we have performed hundreds of marriage ceremonies, memorial services, vow renewals and have enjoyed over twenty years of doing the Lord’s work.
We share common beliefs about the sanctity of marriage and emphasize that commitment to our brides and grooms.

I am overjoyed that Pastor Ray has agreed to work with me in this ministry. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.

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